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My Black and White works perfectly on DesMuMe 0.9.6 svn3730 x64 from Winds Pro, my settings is 3d=softrasterizer, sounds=dual SPU and no interploations, Emulations=uncheck all even advance bus-level timing, and Frame rate=check limit frame rate, uncheck/check auto-minimize skip frame and frames skip 1-3.
If you don't have a patched EXPs, put this code:
52004EA4 E12FFF1E
E2004660 0000005C
E59F003C E5901000
E59F2038 E1510002
059F1034 05801008
05801148 059F102C
058010A8 058011E8
E59F0024 E5901000
E59F2020 E1510002
03A01001 05C0100A
E12FFF1E 02188064
E15F034F 36AAB337
36E0AA6A 02180C60
28AAFF1F 00000000
D2000000 00000000
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