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    Originally Posted by Pokemonguy1990 View Post
    Well, here's what i got to explain it. (I tried to post the image as a picture, but I'm under the 15 post / URL attachment limit)

    Konman719, is this the problem you're having? just so we're all on the same page.
    yes that is the problem im having but i guess you cant add new map after all bc there is a limit... that really sucks

    Originally Posted by プラチナ・ベルリッツ View Post
    Simple Answer: NO, YOU CANNOT ADD NEW MAP NAMES TO THE ROM! (Well, for the meanwhile at least.)

    If you have read some post about this somewhere before, the reason behind this is because there is a routine in some part of the ROM that limits the number of map names the game has.

    FR/LG has 202 maps (I think) in the ROM and in that "routine" (asm?) there is a value there "CA" (CA->202) which from what I remember is the limit.

    And from other posts that I've read, the reason why "Create New Name" is greyed out is because if you add a new map name (bypassing the limit) it will corrupt other data in the ROM.

    So unless the author of A-map makes a way to get rid off the limit, we can only do for now is to REPLACE map names and not ADD new names.

    Wow.... well that really sucks :/ im happy somebody finallly answered my question, though, after waiting for so long... thanks a bunch, and if you ever figure out a way around the limit, let me know
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