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There's not much to say about this one... But OK. This is a Let's Play for Pokemon FireRed Omega, which is a ROM hack of FireRed that includes all 386 Pokemon while adding in some "Fake Difficulty" as well. So without further ado... Here's the LP!


Charizard, torching a**es since 1996

Why the heck do I need this? In case you don't know: Anthony, torching a**es with Charizard since 1999

What do you mean "meet"? I know you all to well Oak...

Last I checked we humans still dominated the animal kingdom

Fine, I'll humor you old man... But I DEMAND to know why you and every other Professor is named after a tree. It's unnatural

I can take it from here said Dark Oak clearing his throat, "As for myself, I use my Tangela to choke me in the shower while I touch myself" ....................... "Hey that takes skill!" he continued, "You NEED all 8 badges or they won't obey." Enough of that, next screen:

Oh, right... THAT'S who you are... Whoops

... I like Mudkips...

Depends, you a Catholic priest?

Hope not...

Since 96'

Me: Hey, you're Grandfather ever get... you know? Weird with you?
Rival: Nah, he's done my sister though... Does that count?
Me: Oh thank goodness!

How do you not know the name of your grandson!?! Are you freaking stoned!?!

Short for "The Game" which you all just lost

How do you know? I could just stay in my room! And NEVER go on the quest! Muahahahaha!!!

Nevermind, I'll go on the quest thingie...

And you haven't even looked behind the staircase...
There I have tons and TONS of po....kedolls... And nothing else...

Yet I use the PC...

Yay, free stuff, what do you have dresser? Nothing, that's what

*Scribbles our "confused" writes "NOOB LOLZ"*

I bet it was Oprah that fat son of a b****

I think this has been said but, there is no stove in here... This is a sink... How the hell did you cook in a sink!?!

Yeah... But before I do...

Ahhh, much better. (No, I am not above potty jokes, deal with it)

"Only"? Didn't have to be so mean about it...

Behold, ladies and gentlemen, the worlds largest sex toy... Must have cost him a fortune...
Gary: I hear he sells Jynx's to people underground... To do... you know...
Me: Special Sweeping?
Gary: Exactly

Ackbar: IT'S A TRAP!!!
*Walks over and gags Ackbar*
Me: Good. Good.

ANTHONY looked behind bookshelf!
Nothing was there...

What the f***!?!

LOL ROFL ROFLOLWEFT (Rolling on floor laughing out loud while eating french toast) Ok, I guess it wasn't THAT funny

It's better that way

Haven't you watched the anime?!? You should NEVER let a Victreebel attached, especially down there.
Oak: Protection from the Pokemon you sick f***!!!
Me: Oh, so you ADMIT to f***ing Pokemon!!!
Oakhut up!!!
Me:*Smug Face*

Kids, don't do this at home, never go with a stranger (Well at least until the 3rd date OR until he offers you some candy)

Me: *Smug Face*

*After 10 minutes of Idle Conversation*

Oh, aren't we the comedian?

After THAT joke? I don't know...

Well, I COULD take it, evolve it, and then sell it as a pros...weeper...

Nah, not after THAT mental image...

Finally! A name without a joke!

Hmm, well what do you guys think? Post what you think I should do and what to name the unlucky thing

Well, that's all for Part 1, in Part 2, I reveal the starter, get the Pokedex, and catch the 2nd member of the team.

Credits to Nintendork15 for teaching me the format of the LP and how to insert pics.