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    Venusaur Ultimate Solo Challenge

    Hoenn Log:
    Hoenn Log Part Five - Norman

    -I started my small journey to Petalburg by leaving the gym and running into May who gave me some rediculous looking Goggles, which I threw in my bad, never to take out.
    -I jumped down the ledge, running south to Mauville, and then ran west to Verdanturf.
    -I dropped in to see, Wally, but there was no Wally to see. I decided that after defeating my Father, I would continue on, but also search for my good friend.
    -I headed through Rusturf Tunnel, running to Rustboro, and then south through Route 104 and the Woods, until I saw it, my fathers gym.
    -i headed inside, to see his smiling face, but all I saw were two doors, and I then realised it wasn't going to be easy.
    -I defeated all of the trainers for the extra experience, healed up, and entered my fathers room, and when he sent a Spinda I though that he was joking.
    -I took it out with one Return and he started to laugh, and then came his prized pokemon, Vigoroth.
    -Yet again a single Return showed him what's what. Then came his Linoone, and I just thought, 'I don't want HM I to see this', so I tucked his ball tightly under my jacket and prepared for battle.
    -Razor Leaf proved that he wasn't too strong, and finally came the dreaded pokemon, which was referred to by trainers and gym leaders alike as 'The beast', but my father just stated with a serious face 'Go! Slaking!'.
    -A Razor Leaf barely took off 35% of his HP, and Norman simply said 'Facade', and away went 34 HP of Rage.
    -I commanded a Razor Leaf which missed and his Slaking did nothing, so I quickly shouted for another Razor Leaf which left him low on health but his Facade did more damage.
    -A final Razor Leaf proved that I had overcome my father and earned my Fifth Gym badge.

    Hoenn Log Part Six - Winona

    -After defeating my father, I was pulled away by Wally's father, who gave me Surf, which was very kind of him, and I taught it to HM I and I set off to see my Mother.
    -She gave me an Amulet Coin as I beat Norman, and I left for Mauville by Surfing across Route 103.
    -I then found the Trick Master and completed his puzzle, obtaining a Timer Ball which will be completely useless and did another challenge and got a useless hard stone, and went for my third challenge.
    -I got a Smoke Ball and continued up Route 110, as there were no more challenges yet, so I went to head towards Route 118. I surfed across the water, grabbed a Good Rod and battled a Fisherman.
    -I met up with Steven again and he said that it would be nice if we saw each other again and I think we will as he is one of my new stalkers .
    -I headed back to Mauville, as I forgot to heal after the Trick House, and then I set off to visit the Berry Master.
    -I stole his berries, and he gave me 2 more and then I said A A to his wife and she gave me a Pecha Berry.
    -I headed north on to Route 119 just wondering when the Team of Skroomish Lover stalkers will show up.
    -Then at the Weather Institute, guess who showed up? The stupid team of evil stalkers aka Team Aqua, and guess who's there to save the day? Not me. It's RAGE!
    -And with a flurry of Razor Leaf's and Return's, the stalkers of evil ran away like little girls.
    -In the middle of the battles, HM I evolved because of those darn double battles on this game.
    -The Castform that the Scientist gave me ran away because I wouldn't use it and with that, May appeared.
    -She didn't stand a chance after 3 OHKO's with Return and then gave me Fly as my stalker showed up and wished me a job well done.
    -I taught Fly to HM II and headed into Fortree, and back out to meet up with Steven to get the Devon Scope.
    -I entered the gym and destryed trainers left, right and centre, even though I had the type disadvantage.
    -I healed up and challenged my most feared gym leader, Winona, the Graceful Master of Flying Pokemon, and beating her was a matter of OHKO's.
    -Sawblu and Pelipper went down with one Return each, and Tropius took two strengths as I didn't want her to use any healing items.
    -Altaria, the one who I was most scared of only took two Returns and Skarmory took 7 because of healing items and after that I had obtained my sixth gym badge.
    _____May Johto Rejoice!

    Ultimate Solo Challenge

    Rage / Venusaur