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    NOTE: this is still a Work In Progress so some things may change

    Hello im new here i've been working on this for about 2 months now on my own and i've still only got a small fraction of it made but i think its ready for a beta test if you wish to join the download links are on my temporay site

    Site Link: <- i know terrible link name im looking for a decent host

    Please note that the site is hosted on my PC so if my PC is off so is the server, patcher and site

    now for Screen Shots! (more on the website)

    Youtube Video Still Being processed on youtube.

    here are the pokemon to choose from (more to be added):

    1: Bulbasaur
    2: Charmander
    3: Squirtle
    4: Caterpie
    5 :Weedle
    6: Pidgey
    7: Gastly
    8: Abra
    9: Buneary
    10: Machop
    11: Pichu
    12: Happiny
    13: Eevee
    14: Ralts

    so far over 70 moves have been added with custom attack animations

    Join the Wigglytuff Guild! once you have joined you'll have access to all the facilitys of the guild and if you want to follow the main story line given by the guild master and chattot

    Job Board: once a member of the guild you can use the job board to take missions and earn pokedollars, fame, exp and items all jobs are repeatable and only 1 player can take 1 job at a time.

    (Not ready yet) Group Dungeons: for teams to explore and get money/items *not soloable*

    Evolving: When you reach the required lvl go to Electivire to evolve,
    when you evolve you gain a stat boost and new attacks

    Pokedollar bank: store you pokedollars here because if you faint outside of town you lose all your pokedollars your carrying so bank often!

    (Not ready yet) Xatu Chest Opener: If you find a locked chest take it to Xatu for a price he will open it for you.

    Boss Battles: some jobs require you to hunt a outlaw pokemon these are both soloabble and team based (only solo at the moment) for a good amount of pokedollars but they are tough

    Player Village: below Treasure Town is a player village where players can buy a house and furniature (this requires an admins help)

    thats all for now im working on it still right now what new pokemon would you like in the Playable list (no legendarys!)

    Leader = Urimas Ebonheart
    Programmer = None but im looking for one that knows VB6
    GFX = DS/GBA games, Urimas Ebonheart
    SFX = From the PMD DS/GBA games
    Music = From the PMD DS/GBA games
    Site = Urimas Ebonheart
    GUI = Various artists found on google, DS/GBA games

    so currently its just me but im looking for help.

    Copyrights = All belonging to nintendo and the pokemon company

    btw who else cant wait for pokemon eternity to come out?
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