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Fan of the original series of Pokémon? The good ole' days when Ash, Brock, and Misty were a traveling together through Kanto, the Orange Islands, and Johto? Well, rather than developing new threads to bring back the past or bringing up the older ones due to lack of much responses, here's a one-for-all sticky where fans of the original series can discuss the many various episodes and movies within these sagas. You are free to remedy in nostalgia, bring up your favorite moments, favorite episodes, point out the earlier errors, and so on.

The Rules for this thread?
- Keep things relevant to the original series, which the thread title points out for you.
- All PC Rules and Anime Rules do apply.
- Excepting the 30-day-revival rule.
- No flaming, bashing etc. And Misty lovers, try not to get too touchy.
- Just have fun and let's bring back the memories a lot of miss.
- Pokémon Anime Rules
- Advanced & Battle Frontier Discussion
- Diamond & Pearl Discussion
- Best Wishes Discussion
- Black & White/Best Wishes Episode Index
- Pokémon the Anime XY Episode Index
Discuss and remember to love Charaxes!