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    Originally Posted by Haz View Post
    Thanks, but unfortunatly for me, the rom I was working on it with started to mess up and I had to delete it . I'm working on another one, and it's a shame since I had already made three maps for the hack.

    Anyway's here is what WAS going to the first route, but... you know.


    There's meant to be another ledge near the mountian, so liek Route 1 in R/B/G/Y and FR/LG, you can hop back to town while going through hardly any grass
    Its a little too lineair/cramped.the trees could use some work pallet wise and theres 4 tile errors that i can spot.below the bottom 2 sets of stairs.the 3rd north most rock and the most northen part of the hill just below the first tree..

    But You get 5 points for trying. so that makes..... 57/100....
    6/10 in total
    Map name: ??????????
    Map Game: Pokemon Evanesce
    Comments: Tiles by wesleyFG,full metal and nintendo. inserted by me.
    Its supposted to be cluttered and blocky.