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    OK guys, I've got some ideas, hope some turn out to be at least workable:

    1 - pokemon Gym Leader Region Takeover:

    choose a region other than the one you're playing in. Each gym leader in your game must be beaten using the pokemon type of the gym leader in their position of the region of choice. (Basically, if you're playing in Hoenn, and choose Kanto, then you'll take on Roxanne with Brock's rock types, go up against Brawly with Misty's waters... as if the Kanto leaders were staging a coup. Just an idea)


    /Also, am I really slow that I've only just noticed that the Kanto leaders pwn each other in succession type-wise as the gyms get tougher? Erika>Surge>Misty>Brock, etc. In Johto, it's roughly opposite - so that if the leaders got off their butts and started looking for a promotion, they'd fall like dominoes all the way from Karen to Falkner... who would be second only to Lance o.O (Karen player's choice.

    4 - pokemon sandwich challenge:

    You may only use pokemon that are the middle form of three-member families (Lairon, Machoke, Skiploom, etc.). The families must have been introduced with all three pieces in the same gen (so Magmar/Electabuzz/Pikachu don't count).
    It's ok to catch and evolve the basic forms, but only evolve them once (obviously).
    Every eligible pokemon must be caught until the player has a team of 6 pokemon. If you faint it, you must catch that species ASAP. Later captures are optional.
    Unused HM slave = optionally ok

    5 - last but not least, pokemon consecutive type challenge:

    - Only single-typed pokemon are allowed here. Normal/Flying counts as single-type Flying.
    - Player must catch the first eligible pokemon they see of each type. A second capture for each type is optional, but two of each is maximum.
    Here's the catch: the player can only (and must, if possible) use 3 consecutive types of pokemon from the following list as their party at any given time:
    Rock/Psychic/Ghost/Dark/Steel/Grass <-- the list comes full circle.
    This order isn't random, it's the one I always use, based on the TCG ^^'
    So, say Seaking is your water type, and you want to carry him. Then, you could have Fire, Water, and Ice pokemon, Poison/Fire/Water or Water/Ice/Normal pokemon only on your team. That's why 2 pokemon of each type are handy if you want to make it a bit easier ;) Example team: Magmar/Arcanine/Seaking/Blastoise/Glalie/Glalie
    Say you wanted to use your Exploud - no problem, but you're stuck with at least one Ice and at least one Flying; at least one Flying and one Dragon; or at least one Water and one Ice (Ice/Normal/Flying, Normal/Flying/Dragon, Water/Ice/Normal).
    - Your optional second catch pokemon for each type can only be used alongside the first catch for that type (not without its counterpart). So if you randomly get Poliwhirl as your water, and then go and catch yourself a Seadra, then you can't carry Seadra without Poliwhirl.
    - Repeats are ok, just remember - no split-type pokemon.
    - No trading.
    - NFE pokemon do count; you may not evolve them beyond their single-type stage. Good luck with Metapod as your random-catch Bug :>
    - Also, your starter counts as the first eligible pokemon for Grass, Fire or Water. Remember: no Bulbasaur! No Charizard (only Charmeleon), no Combusken/Blaziken, no Marshtomp/Swampert etc. So if you want Torchic, you're stuck with Torchic.
    - HM slaves are ok for 2 spots, if you have to use them. Just don't battle with them.

    Thanks for listening :]

    EDIT: 6 - Route Challenge!

    You must train all of the pokemon from a random route and its two neighbours (you'd be assigned the route by a randomiser).
    They should be kept around even levels/used at least once in a gym leader battle.
    Evolving pokemon is fine.
    No trades.
    Pokemon that are found on the assigned routes can be caught earlier; it would be boring to go through with your starter until you got to routes 16/17/18 or something.
    Sea routes count too - fishing, surfing and diving are all fine ways to get pokemon.
    HM slaves ok, not for battle and frowned upon if not completely necessary ^^'
    Example: I get 102/103/104 in Ruby - I have to train one each of Gardevoir, Masquerain, Azumarill (?), Linoone, Mightyena, Beautifly, Dustox, Shiftry, Pelipper, Tentacruel ^^. (Possibly more, not sure).