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    Thnx for the feedback guys
    I gotta say though, verson 2 isn't looking very good... Very non-eventful, well, will try my best


    Episode Two! Pidgey Wings, Whipped Cream, and a Cancelled Play-Date!

    Here's the 2nd Part to this LP, in this Episode, we do an errand, get the Pokedex, whip our Rival, get our head insulted, AND get the 2nd member of our team!
    Busy, busy, busy.

    I picked Elekid and shall name him... Billy! MUAHAHAHAHA!!! (Yuoaman's suggestion so if you love it, thank him if you don't... You suck)

    Why do you feel the need to get beaten So early in the game?

    You just couldn't wait to follow in your Dad's footsteps couldn't you?

    ...No comment...

    Wow, surprisingly good starting move set! :D

    Yeah b**** Now suck his Outlet!!! ... Sorry, got a bit carried away there...

    A BJ and level? Sweet

    AND a move!?!

    AND revenge on "The Game"!?! HOLY ****!!!

    T.Game: I can't believe I fail THAT hard!
    Me: IKR!!!

    Can I do a quick recap here? We got:
    A BJ for Billy
    A level-up
    A new move
    AND Cash!!!
    We hit the Jackpot Mo-fos

    Yes because you LOVE seeing Pokemon "Grow" and "Develop" don't you?

    Yeah man, it can't handle the rigors of... battling... just yet... Maybe Lv.24?

    Those are bloodstains...

    I bet your mother is SO proud of you

    I believed you, but OK thanks :D

    Nevermind, you still suck

    Oh, good, I was getting kind of hungry...
    Pidgey wings anyone?

    After Lunch... At the PokeCenter

    Obama'd be proud...
    Too bad I'm a Republican!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Yeah everywhere...
    *Except for areas without trees to Cut, Pokemon to fight, caves to Flash, Waterfalls to climb, Oceans to Surf, rocks to move, and Professors to be sexually aroused...

    How'd you know!?! Did that Potion guy tell you!?! That bastard is dead!!!

    Why should I!?!

    Oh right, I can't speak...
    I am such a bastard to myself...

    What is this a PokeMart or a Columbian Black Market!?!
    There is no need to make this any weirder than it already is!

    Yay a choice!!!


    Finally, a person that has an idea about what they're talking about!

    Ok, that's the last time I swear...
    (P.S I remembered where I got that from...Sorry to Zeyphr)

    A bunch of walking later...

    Damn straight, I ain't a bad cook either...

    This has been done, if you need to know what is said in theis scenario, go to Yuoaman or Zeyphr's LPs...

    *Got the Pokedex*

    Aw damnit, I knew it was too good to be true... I'll go get the whipped cream...

    Oh... Much easier than what I had in mind...
    (And cleaner)

    But- I thought we had a Play-date!!!
    I have my Pokemon cards too!!!

    You have no idea what I had to do to get that map...

    Now to get our 1st team member...

    ...Oh...My...God... Super luck strikes again!!!

    Karma bites me in the ass again...

    And then releases me from it's death grip...

    *Next Encounter*

    Too bad I already have Billy... I like Ampharos

    *8 More after that*

    Alright, let's do this

    Pokeball time!


    Time to fake emotions... ****... I don't have to deal w/ this **** w/ Abra...

    Well, do we?
    And what do we name the Ralts?

    Next episode we name Ralts, go through Viridian Forest and get *3* event Pokemon!

    P.S, it also came to my attention that people might actually want to PLAY the hack, so i made the .ips file an attatchment.

    *Attatchment not working, here's a link: