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    Originally Posted by metapod23 View Post
    You have to beat her. Paralysis is probably the best way to go.

    OK, but it's going to take quite a while to raise Pikachu from L26 to L41 or so on the available Pokémon, as I still have to outspeed it once to Thunder Wave it. Could we at least have access to a Quick Claw?

    Misty's Staryu does know Counter. It uses it in that episode:

    I'm pretty sure that was just a generic battle command, not the actual attack "Counter," as a Staryu can't learn Counter, and all it did in that case was attempt to use a regular Tackle. If you're going to be that strict, at least make Brock's Onix and Jessie's Ekans/Arbok know Dig, as they used it constantly (although the command was usually something like "go underground.")

    I don't want anyone to choose the girl. It's called AshGray for a reason.

    Then you should probably keep us from picking her.

    Since Squirtle and Charmander never make active decisions not to evolve, I don't think I'm going to give Everstones for them. Bulbasaur receives one in the Mysterious Garden.
    I meant make Everstones available in an early PokéMart or let us find a few in Mount Moon or something like that.

    Here's a few other suggestions I forgot to mention earlier: Shouldn't Samurai apologize after you beat Beedrill and save Metapod? There's only 5 Squirtle in the Squirtle Squad, not 6. I'd like to see a battle against Meowth after the initial Team Rocket double battle in the Viridian Forest, as that's one of the few times that he actually tries to battle.
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