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    I loved watching Pokemon when I was younger. I'm still somewhat of a fan now, but sooner or later I'm going to watch every single Gym Battle up to this very moment. I watched bits and pieces of the Johto series and I missed out on 95% of the Hoenn track. But I started back up watching Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and I was shocked to see all different types of Pokemon and whatnot. But anyway, enough of me rambling.

    My favorite episode by far in the original series would have to be hands down Holy Matrimony! I loved this episode because we find out James's background (nobody thought he would be from a wealthy southern family!) and his soon-to-be bride Jessiebelle, who looks just like Jessie. Plus, that Growlithe was beast. You know what? I'm going to watch that right now!

    What made it even better was when Galactic Battles released The Treasure is All Mine! which brings back Jessiebelle among other things. It even shows how James got wrapped up in the whole situation and it gains constant points for accuracy. It was awesome!
    Ash. Dawn. Brock. Irvine. Contest. Gym Battle. Roses. This is...The Prism City Saga

    We can make a Pokémon Concert! All we need is Jigglypuff to sing...wait, that would be a bad idea because we would all fall asleep, Jigglypuff would get mad and then it would draw on all of our faces...yeah, let's not do that!

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