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    Hoenn Log Part Seven - Liza and Tate

    -I left the gym and got a phone call from my stalker, Scott, which creeped me out, as I wish he would leave me alone.
    -I headed onto Route 120 and with a few battles, I proceeded South.
    -Eventually I escaped the rain and realised that I was on Route 121, and headed east for a few more battles.
    -While trecking through the Route, I encountered my old Shroomish lover stalking friends and watched them run South, probably in fear of Rage.
    -I continued east toward Lilycove, and had a few more battled before I reached the great city.
    -I saw May, so I went to speak to her which ended up with her losing a battle and returning to Littleroot.
    -After wondering what to do, I remembered Team Aqua and decided to head down towards Mt Pyre.
    -I headed up the tower for some battles and then headed outside because I heard some shouting, and there they were, Team Aqua.
    -I met Archie and he was saying something about the crazy fire peoples leader getting there first and then ran off (never gives me chance to talk back).
    -The old woman gave me a Magma Emblem, so I headed south on to Route 123 to have a few battles before I take on Team Magma again.
    -I headed up to Mt Chimney and on my way down Jagged Pass a cave opened up, so I went inside.
    -Inside was Team Magma and I charged through to find Maxie to see what he was doing inside a volcano that he has previously tried to erupt.
    -I finally found him staring into a lava pit that had a massive beast of a pokemon that looked like a statue and suddenly the room went red and the pokemon disappeared from the mountain and then Maxie challenged me to a battle.
    -His team went down to Rage pretty quickly, and he ran off and then I left to go back to Lilycove.
    -I headed to Slateport to see the sights, but found Archie stealing Captain Sterns submarine.
    -So I healed up and prepared to leave, but the area was sealed off, so I entered a cave and found Team Aqua.
    -I found a whole secret base, which I expected to be Team Aquas, so I went to find Archie and destroy him finally.
    -I defeated the admin, but I couldn't do anything but stand and watch as Archie escaped in Sterns submarine.
    -I surfed over to Mossdeep because Team Aqua had gotten away this time and decided to challenge the gym.
    -I challenged Liza and Tate, who were made a laughing stock of because of Razor Leaf destroying their pokemon easily.

    EDIT: I will not be able to post any updates due to no internet for the next two weeks, but will continue my challenge.
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