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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
Quilava is so adorable!!! :DDD I am so happy<3 That's probably my favorite Quilava sprite ever now. I cannot wait to see the animation. And Charizard's back sprite sure is amazing.

Also, Sage Harpuia, anything that gets *'d out is considered censor bypass. Please edit your post. Next time this happens, I'll have to infract you. Just because it's in a spoiler tag, it doesn't mean that it doesn't count.
I edited it, I put it without thinking (I should read my post befor submit them...)...Anyway I just noticed that genI-II-IV have the old sprite, but some of them are edited a bit, like quilava or jolteon.

Gen III starters: (I noticed that the sprite of this gen are all new, and this pump up my hopes for a remake of R/S/E)

It's like is looking somewhere far away, and it's not focused
Another pokemon better than it's evo. I like this sprite even if it has lost his dinamism of R/S/E (for obvius reason)
WAITWHAT?! Sceptile is that badass? In others games it looked too heavy now resemble more grovile. Perfect.
very basic, but it's torchick, not much poses to chose from...
it looks a lot angry! very good.
This is AWESOME. (and I never noticed the spikes behind its feet...)
I like it (resisting to obvious meme is hard)
it seems a lot happy.

Finally a swampert that look chubby and stands on four legs. I love it.

IV gen:

they are the same of D/P/Pt.

V gen:
SMUGLEAF. Eyes perfection.
Reminds me of charmender line in the developement.
Now you now why they call it smuglord?
why all fire starter must be also fighting? But I like its expression...
reminds me of ryperior...

sad otter...
this is awesome and should be fighting type.
I like its fiery expression a lot.

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