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    Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post
    Yay, an English patch is been worked on right now ^.^

    And for all you who are using No$gba, after a day or 2 staying on it will have a memory overload or something and crash, it did for me.
    English patch? Woohoo, but save game patch will be better : D
    I've been playing Pokemon White right now, and it crashed after I used one of the attacks, which Mijumaru learned. Bye, Mijumaru 11 lvl and Fire-monkey-thing 10 lvl! D:
    Originally Posted by FirePokemonMaster View Post
    the NO$GBA code does work, but anyone who decides to use it to play black or white should be warned about one particular thing. You cannot save normally within the game. This means that your game will be ending when you beat the champion.

    DeSmuMe, on the other hand, will run somewhat slow depending on your computer. However, you don't need a code to play, and you can save your game whenever you want.

    Whichever one you guys choose, have fun!
    DeSmuMe is so slow on my PC, so I will choose No$GBA, even if it doesn't save the game properly. Maybe soon will be a save game patch, or something.
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