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    Originally Posted by Lati-Fan95 View Post
    Well, i played through Brown again (as epic as always!) but this time, I've set myself a goal: Catching every Pokemon Rijon has to offer and complete that Pokedex! I do have some questions on how to do that, though:

    -1. My Tyrogue just evolves into Hitmonchan even when it has higher attack than defense! Why? (I need to get Hitmontop!)

    2. The info you get from that guy in the house you can only reach by surf about eevees (evolution of eevee is based on where it lived (example: Eevee from a forest = Leafeon) is pretty helpful, I never had any idea on how to get Leafeon before! But I'd like to know how to get Espeon and Glaceon (I already tried it with an eevee from a cave but that turned into Umbreon), too! Has anyone caught them? If yes, how?
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