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Wow, been quite some time since I've gotten anything finished.

More work on the Link sprite. I got two more frames, and now I was able to make a sort of beta animation. Now I do plan on making more frames. I'm thinking either a frame ever 60 or 45 degrees of the spin. I might get lazy and do some more blurring and less detail work, because having to always reshade and redo every little detail in each of these frames is a pain.

Here are the stilled frames for those who want to look at them more closely.

As always, I would love any comments or critisism you can give. I'm giving these sprites my all, but I know that probably won't be enough.

Oh and no one get their hopes up that I'm going to do anything 5th gen related. I want to stay as blind as possible to the new games until I get to actually play through one. I'm afraid to even be on the internet and risk seeing something in someone's sig =P
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