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Originally Posted by Haz View Post


There's meant to be another ledge near the mountian, so liek Route 1 in R/B/G/Y and FR/LG, you can hop back to town while going through hardly any grass
Alrighty. The mountain. About 5 steps to the right of the most south stairset, you can cut that in half. It's symmetrical. It's probably nothing bad, It's just something that seems odd to me. The walkways going up the route is only two steps wide. 3-5 is usually the right amount. Again, that's just me. You're mapping style is more than likely different than mine. The route is heavily crowded with the big two tile wide trees. There's ONE small tree. Try changing that up slightly. There's also no flower or other form of vegetation other than grass. That just seems a little boring to me. However, I do like the outline of the route and the mountain shape.

Rating: 6/10

My Map:

Name: Naturalist
ROM Base: Fire Red.

Comments: This map isn't supposed to be playable. It's just something to look at. I wanted to see if I was any good at natural mapping. Personally, I think I did a good job, however, I could be way off. Feel free to tell me what to improve on / suggestions.

Homework for boring me to the point that I ended up mapping.