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Originally Posted by Nurse Barbra View Post
Its a little too lineair/cramped.the trees could use some work pallet wise and theres 4 tile errors that i can spot.below the bottom 2 sets of stairs.the 3rd north most rock and the most northen part of the hill just below the first tree..

But You get 5 points for trying. so that makes..... 57/100....
6/10 in total
Map name: ??????????
Map Game: Pokemon Evanesce
Comments: Tiles by wesleyFG,full metal and nintendo. inserted by me.
Its supposted to be cluttered and blocky.
I like this map very much. When I first saw it I was like "wtf n00b mapping", and I realized it was made that way. Very cool to see some innovation in maps, there's not really any nowadays. I'm not going to give it a __ out of 10 or whatever, because it's so unconventional.


My turn. My first map in ages, I would like to get some rates.

Map Name:
Cliffside City

Credits: Kyledove, Alistair, CNC, and myself.