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Originally Posted by Destiny Demon View Post
Map Name: Pinewood Town
Map Game: Ruby
Comments: A little map I made. It's the hometown, and yeah... Just want your guys opinions on the map. Maybe it's for a hack, maybe not. Who knows... Also who cares if I used cross generation-tiles x-x It's my map, yeesh.
First off, this might just be me, but I think it looks a bit too straight.
I don't like the way you made the GYM, either, it should be even on both sides (two windows), and there are too many flowers. the mountain is too straight too, and maybe you should add another layer to the 2nd mountain, the one layer doesn't look too good, to me. other than that, it's a pretty decent map, but needs some work.
Here's my map, my first saffron-type map. :3