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Sorry about not updating or replying and such - I've been celebrating my last week of high school ever with friends, so time has been in very short supply recently.

Originally Posted by nasonex View Post
Wow! Nice CSS Dr. Fuji! I like the New sprites inserted!

Btw, the map looks so empty. Maybe because it consists of small red
spots, it's more like that it is all town and no city.

Could you do some more userbars^^

Overall, Nice Updates Dr. Fuji! Good Luck and Again More Power! :D
Thanks for that :P

I like the little red spots D: Besides, in the FR/LG town map, the only city/town marker is a red dot so its not like I'm drastically changing anything.

I'll see about the userbars later :P

Originally Posted by WeightyWillBill View Post
Yeah, I like the new CSS, but that map up there isn't detailed enough, like the cities aren't very different looking as they all have the same circle there. But that's in my opinion. Ultimately, it's up to you.

Also, nice banner/userbar. Best of wishes!
Thanks alot Weighty!

Read the above reply about the map :3

Originally Posted by Kid nino View Post
The screenshots look very nice, and this is one of the few hacks I've seen in which you aren't a child. Which is pretty cool if you ask me. And, I love your overall color layout very nice on the eyes. :D
I'm not actually sure what the guy is suppossed to be - Either he is a sullen teenager with a sweet hat or a young Indianna Jones.

------- (-o-) -------


As I said earlier, I haven't had much time recently, but the release of B/W has really given me some good ideas (with one set to shape my storyline better than what I had originally planned). I'm pretty excited about it all :3

Anyway, I've found some cute critters from the new games, resized them and have inserted most into the ROM at this point. There will now be 28 B/W Pokemon residing the Lowen region for you to catch and raise as your own. They will have altered movesets and evolutionary stages since some need to be traded in order to evolve. Here's a a screen of me testing with them:

Annnnnnnnnnnd, that's about it. Comment, rate, subscribe - Its all good.
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