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I think someone forgot to tell the writers that this is supposed to be fresh and new. What part of this exactly was fresh and new (apart from Iris)? If they had actually wanted to put some effort in, they could've had the cut scene from the start of the BW games (just like the start of Indigo did) and then make a transition somehow from N to Ash. Ash at least can show more expression with his new eyes

- A new soundtrack :D
- The random writing in the background is looking more and more like Japanese..
- Ah, Ash's eyes are looking *much* better
- It's always funny to see a car in Pokemon
- New Rocket "R" design? o.O
- Obligatory Sakaki at the start of the series...he probably won't appear again D:
- The random text is looking so much likemJapanese it may as well be Japanese
- Oak's eyes are the same
- Oooh, new title card
- Oooh, wonder what the card's about
- Oh yeah, TR are going to have a new motto, I bet :O
- Obligitory legendary in first ep...
- This part in the jeep reminds me of the first ep of AG...
- Oooh, like that eye catch
- New Pokemon Centre theme XD
- Ohhh, Shooti's a photograph! That explains the name XD
- But eww, he's so ugly D: He better not be N's replacement
- LOL Tsujaa's voice is WAY manlier than I expected XD
- So Shooti is supposed to be a Shinji/Snap crossover?
- If Satoshi looses this battle with Pikachu, or has some sort of trouble with this starting trainer, this is just...
- Shinji Miyazaki likes the guitar this time around
- OK, so Pikachu is worn out least there's an excuse this time...*sigh*
- Overload of electricty again? -__-
- OK Satoshi is definatly getting that Mijimaru

Ep 2

- Haha, Ash's face after he got hit with Volt Tackle was funny
- Wow, Oak looks like he's gotten fat
- Haha, Ash's face at the PokeDex
- Well, Iris is looking like she has more personality than Dawn
- lol, the evolving music?? XD
- Ash knows he shouldn't just throw it >_<
- "Ash has made a wider variety of faces? in this single episode than he has in the entire series."
- Ash goes to catch the bir Pokemon *sigh*
- lol at the birds coming for Ash...but didn't this happen with Tailow, too? -_-
- Hahah, the capture theme, too XD
- WHOA Ash's jumping XD
- I knew they were still called Joy
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