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    Some brilliant episodes they are on par with some of the episodes in Kanto/Johto. Definitely a good start with the saga.
    Only one thing annoyed me, and that was the fact that it seemed that Ash had forgotten how to catch a Pokemon, I understand It's a new saga, it gets reset every time, and they're trying to 'teach' new viewers how to catch Pokemon. It's all part of the novelty, but still, it irked me. I loved how Mijumaru started to stalk Ash, and I'm I find myself shocked to find that I'm looking forward to episode 3, something that didn't happen in the last saga.

    Ash has eyes!!! aaaaaaaaahh <333

    Iris. What can I say? She's the perfect sidekick for Ash, seems much more 'buff' and suitable for venturing on a journey. And I like how they've skipped the whole "new-female-character-that-doesn't-have-a-clue-what-they're-doing-until-half-way-through-the-series" pattern.

    The whole Zekrom thing was very good, It was a nice way to kick off the series, and made it much more enjoyable/dramatic. I just hope that the rest of the series can live up to this. I found it slightly annoying that Tsutaaja beat Pikachu, but I bit my tongue and remembered that BW is a fresh start.

    Ash caught a Mamepato. I would have never ever guessed that, seriously. And in the next episode it would seem that he'll catch Mijumaru. That already means that half of his team has already been decided, I'm kind of hopeful, that Ash will catch a few more Pokemon, and actually make progress with his pokedex.

    TEAM ROCKET HELL YES! They seem a lot more bad ass. Smoke bombs from James? Meowth battles and doesn't end up landing on his butt? An episode where they don't blast off? I love it. I'm kind of hesitant though, in the first couple of episodes in the first, original series TR were actual criminals, but it didn't take long until they were seen as simple comedy characters. I found it insulting at times in D/P watching an incompetent TR. I look forward to seeing Giovanni's involvement in the anime and his new female secretary. Also, Koromori <33\

    The opening was good, much better than the Sinnoh openings which seem to get worse as they go along. I like how the opening only reveals the silhouettes when we've seen the Pokemon in an episode prior. I hope the dub doesn't ruin it.

    As for the graphics and music, they too have got a nice little boost. They seemed almost movie-like. The music in particular reminded me of some of the movie soundtracks. The detail on Iron Tail was a nice touch. I have high hopes of the movies if this is what the regular anime sounds/looks like.

    Overall, very good 2 episodes, although they have set a rather high standard that I feel following episodes might not be able to live up to.
    I'm also hoping that they don't ruin the dub.

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