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    Update 2: 4th Badge - Post E4

    -Went to Burned Tower and released the three beasts.
    -Defeated Morty and his lackeys inside the gym.

    -Got surf from the perv watching the dancers.
    -Went to Olivine.
    -Found Jasmine in the lighthouse.
    -Got a good rod, caught Corsola, and taught it surf.
    -Surfed to Cianwood.
    -Went in the gym and killed Chuck.

    -Got fly, but surfed back to Olivine.
    -Gave the medicine to Amphy.
    -Fought and beat Jasmine.

    -On my way back I decided to look for a flying pokemon so I could fly. Surprisingly I found Entei and caught it with one ultra ball.
    -Also caught Pidgeotto.
    -Flew back to Euc...something, and went east.
    -Got to Mahogany, did the lake of rage and team rocket stuff, blah blah.
    Went in the gym and beat Pryce.

    -Did the lame stuff with team rocket in Goldenrod, having to run back and forth between the radio tower and pokecenter because all the damn koffings kept poisoning me.
    -Went through ice path.
    -Arrived at blackthorn, and beat Claire.
    -Did the dragons den part to get the badge.

    -Flew back to New Bark Town and got the Masterball.
    -Walked the long route to the elite four.

    Elite Four Time!
    Sydney - I struggled here. His Xatu's kept killing me. After a few whiteouts I grew wise and taught Snargles Strength. He demolished.
    Koga - Strength = win.
    Bruno - Karate Chopped to death. Yeah I know, fighting vs fighting. But I was slightly over-leveled.
    Least memorable E4 member - Karate Chop ftw. Got rid of Mud-Slap for Thrash. Need a new move to use against ghosts now.
    Lance - Cross Chop + Strength.

    E4 champ

    The adventure isn't over yet.
    I still need to go through Kanto and defeat Red.
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