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    The first episode was pretty interesting. But seriously? How is Ash STILL 10?! I don't get how he can go through all 4 regions in less than a year. T_T ANYWAYS, Team Rocket looks more serious this time, but they really need to give up on Pikachu... it's getting old. I actually like how they introduced Zekrom on the very first episode (Zekrom is awesome, fool <3). And I guess that helps understand the fact that Pikachu "magically" becomes weak again after every region.

    Seeing this also made me adore the starters even more~ Pokabu was absolutely adorable, as well as Mijumaru. And was I the only one who found it HILARIOUS when it made that expression after not being chosen by Shooti? XD But Tsutaja.... omfg, what's with its VOICE? It sounds like a human man! I have to admit, I laughed a lot when I first heard it. XB But I'm sure the female Tsutaja (Ash is gonna catch it, right?) will do it some justice.

    The second episode was actually... really funny to me. O_o I can't remember the last time Pokemon actually made me laugh (besides when I would be making fun of how stupid it was x3). Iris was great, and I LOVED Ash's face when he tried throwing a Pokeball at her. XDD

    But something that REALLY annoys me is how Ash simply throws a Pokeball at the Shikijika, expecting it to be captured without even battling it. I mean REALLY? You've been through this for 4 generations now!! I find that kinda stupid how he completely forgets the basics of Pokemon after all these years. T_T

    And Mijumaru stalking Ash was SO cute~ Kinda pathetic how it was completely ignored after it saved both Pikachu and Kibago from Team Rocket (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT THEY ACTUALLY ESCAPED?). I'm actually kinda liking this new series. :3 Usually, I'd just watch the first few episodes and be done with it. But I'm sure the show will be destroyed once it comes into America. With that terrible voice acting. D:,
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