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    I just watched this special air. /slow

    Originally Posted by ManhattanTheStarr View Post
    The first episode was pretty interesting. But seriously? How is Ash STILL 10?! I don't get how he can go through all 4 regions in less than a year. T
    Sadly enough, Ash doesn't age. XD

    Originally Posted by ManhattanTheStarr View Post
    But something that REALLY annoys me is how Ash simply throws a Pokeball at the Shikijika, expecting it to be captured without even battling it. I mean REALLY? You've been through this for 4 generations now!! I find that kinda stupid how he completely forgets the basics of Pokemon after all these years. T_T
    Just as I thought. I wonder why Ash always tries to do the same with the first 'wild' Pokemon he encounters.

    Best Wishes started on with an interesting note. Zekrom in the first episode itself. Legendary Pokemon are rather cool. I have started to like Team Rocket's new outfit. Hiiro was right, they look better in the anime.
    And all those starter Pokemon, they were all so cute, especially Tsutaja and Mijumaru. I liked the way Mijumaru reacts when Shooti chooses Tsutaja as his Pokemon. Tsutaja voice is so deep! That actually sounds bad. And wait, Shooti loves Pokemon photography or something?
    The battle between Tsutaja and Pikachu was nice and engaging even though it was short as Pikachu couldn't use his electric type moves. And I can't remember what happened next. X_X

    In the second part, Ash catches a Mamepato. At first I thought that Mamepato was a weak Pokemon but when it broke free out of its Pokeball and used some rather strong moves against Pikachu, I realised that it was quite a tough Pokemon. Never underestimate bird power! XD
    And then, the same old Team Rocket again. No wait, they have changed quite a lot. Where is Jessie get that Koromori from? They should have shown a short cameo of that at least. Mijumaru to the rescue!! And that Pokemon is a stalker as well. lol But still, it is strong enough to get Team Rocket blasting off. No wait, no more of blasting off. I wonder what would have happened if Mijumaru wasn't there at that moment. It seems as if Ash will catch that Pokemon. Good for Ash!

    This special air was quite a nice one. I enjoyed every bit of it.
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