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    iki Clubdavide Roki and their team are,
    A production made by the Company Ita Roket:

    Pokèmon Eco & Pokèmon Uranite

    Createdi: riki roki,


    Daddy Loe
    Riki Roki
    (cercasi 1 spriter)



    The Womanizer

    music composers:

    Amministratore dex:
    Degio xp

    "Travel in the new region-do Kai and uncover the mystery that envelops the 8 challenge
    Gym Leader including 5 of 8 other generation, collect their medals, they need to access the alloy kai-do, foil the plans of the evil team Necro, collect new pokemon and legendary live meetings."

    After this brief introduction I welcome topic in the official version of Pokemon Eco e Uranite.

    Your adventure will be set in new and unexplored regionedi Kai-do that, like other regions, and has 8 Gym Leader Pokémon League staff. As in previous games the player's task is to traverse the entire region viaggindo through cities, caves and foreste.Solo that this time will begin in a big city rather than in the usual ones.

    next to you will be brand new species of Pokemon, starting with the starter who will accompany:

    ??? (made by Daddy Loe)

    Trive (made by Riki Roki)(name and revamp by Orlando_Bizzo)

    Hulin (made by Riki Roki)(revamp by Orlando_Bizzo)

    And in the fakedex large preview of the game still not finalized:

    and the national dex with the repose of the game under construction:

    and after the Pokemon trainer:

    Riccardo(made by paolo and riki roki)


    Alexis (made by paolo and Riki roki)

    1-Gym Leader
    the mother of the two protagonists
    type water
    (made by paolo and riki roki)

    obviously the overworld of certain characters will be divided not shown for the rights of the two rpg.

    and now ...... SCREENSHOTS

    for now here is the first city that is close to mountains.

    and here are three phases of the first path


    sand you are a tilesetter, spriter, music composer or mapper're looking for you! For information contact the Chapter via msn ([email protected])

    Here are the banner:

    give credit to our game if they are used.

    And finally, thanks to below present:
    Alucus e ¬Penzo• per centro pokèmon (Modificato da me per adattarlo al gioco)
    Kyle:alcuni dei tile
    RPG Maker XP: Programma base
    Pokémon Essential: Starter Kit
    We look for people who want to work in all fields