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Originally Posted by Quilava's Master View Post
Very definitely a great hack to be! I was getting kind of worried due to the lack of updates but I can now see it was worth the wait.
Rest assured, if I need to stop the hack for one or two weeks, I will, but I will never give up on it :D

Originally Posted by NiKaNoRoU View Post
What the fake happened to the scientist?

Marvelous job, Dr.Fuji! (or should you be, SIR). Though I don't get how you're gonna replicate moves from B/W, I surely like the fact that you work on this hack on so much detail, and all the things that you have put to it. And wow, you're soloing it. That's one good achievement.
The scientist is dead. But not really. Pterror is my bro in B/W, so I'm just honouring his efforts :P

I'm planning on making alternate movesets - As you can see in the screenshot, Denchura was using super fang, which would be quite reasonable for a spider to have, no?

Oh God, I am such a lone wolf.

------- (-o-) -------

Did somebody say make a video of a cutscene? No? Ok then...


Originally Posted by Blurb
Team Rocket have infiltrated a mysterious lab, searching for something important. This video follows two grunts in their aimless search for a mysterious machine that was outlined by their boss.

Why are Team Rocket attacking a group considered to be 'small timers'? What does the machine do?
So comment, rate, subscribe - Do your thing.
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