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Okay guys, Beta 5 is being released.
Here are the updates:

Gary - in lab, make him so you cant see him.
Edit main characters house.
edit main hero village
recode complete intro and introduce rival differently
Scientist who gives stones disappears after giving.
edit mom so no txt error
edit garys mom after beating game
fix text error with assistant giving pokeballs.
Edit mom for after beating game
Fix flying to phsycic town
running shoes glithc
fix all portals leading to village of psychic
Change Gym designs.
fix village of water
New tiles and village of Ice RE-DONE looking PRO!
Remapped some village of psychic and fixed some portals.

Soon to come Beta 6:
Edited dialogue making the game even more intriguing.

Please leave a comment if you feel as if this game belongs in showcase! I love the support and criticism, keep it up.

Edit: here is map of new village of ice, keep in mind many new updates such as this were done:
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