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Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
The features you included (ASM and other stuff) & especially your attitude towards hacking - I really like 'em :D
Through reading tutorials, experimenting and the help of some friends, I've been able to gather the requirements to start a ROM Hack

*The introduction was a BIG +

I may even put a support banner in my signature ;)
Besides, if you feel like it, you could put a thread up in Skeetendo Inc. as well.
As for the ASM bit, I'm still practicing :P

Thanks a lot. I appreciate the support :)

@Fuji- Yeah I'll fix them up soon. I got the dark bootscreen idea when you decided to leave me all alone in the dark D:
Yeah, thanks (I think).

Sprite Update:

Yes, sprite Updates deserve big titles.
I was gonna hold up on this and make a fake update in a few weeks


I think it came out awesome :P

Some more other updates:


Intro colors, maybe I'll changing it.

I forgot to take screenies of this area, but it's called "Cavern Pass". It leads to "Fault Cavern".

Fault Cavern itself. Yes I made the tiles :D

It's a trainer!

I though this battle'd be funny :P

Before Battle:

After I kick his butt:

I'll update the first post in a few minutes :)