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    Hello everybody, welcome to this new update.

    I've got some bad news, and maybe 'good' news for some of you.

    First of all, I'd like to say that I've postponed the project for so far. Everything was going well, but actually, it seems PPRE contains too many bugs to create a real, nice game with it.

    I, for example, edited one script and it worked fine, but then another script stopped working. It kinda messed things up.

    I now stopped the project for a while and I might continue with it soon. I might as well start a completely new project for a game like HG / SS. There's even a chance that B/W is hackable by then, who knows (it contains the same information like DPPHGSS, as it is a DS game).

    Anyway, I've now started working on a Pokémon Advanced game, that is Pokémon Fire Red. I did a hack like that before called Pokémon Upgrade, but it didn't had any new scripts, ugly sprites and I even translated some text parts to my mother language (Dutch). Yeah, it was horrible.

    Now, I started some kind of new project. It will have a completely new story and it even looks like something.

    I'm very sorry for the people that were eagering to play this game, but it's jut full of bugs which I cannot edit properly. Once I edit one certain script (in Eterna City for that case), another script gets messed up for some unknown reason.

    @Moderator(s), I guess this topic could get closed, but not deleted, please. Can I, like, open it again when I continue working on this?

    Anyway, I might open a new topic soon for the GBA Rom Hack I'm creating. Thanks for all the people that were eagering to play this game, as they motivated me to work on this game.

    Please notice that it's not my intention to stop working on this project, it's just that I either 1) am not good enough to script as I somehow ruin some other scripts on the same map or 2) the programme called PPRE is still a bit too buggy (which is no blame at all).

    Thanks for your support.