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Update #8 (Not exactly fun to read but still ):

-Reached Olivine City & battled people in the lighthouse.
-Surfed down to the Cianwood city & beat the gym leader
-Taught Fly to pidgey
-Beat the Suicune stalker guy.
-Flew back to Olivine and gave the medicine to Amphy
-Battled Jasmine and lost a few times so I decided to leave that gym for the time being
-Went East from Ecruteak City to Mahogany town
-Knocked out the red gyrados & beat all the rockets in the hideout place
-Defeated Pryce fairly easily
-Flew back to Olivine and eventually beat Jasmine (with some lucky critical hits.. :D)
-Went to Goldenrod and did the whole rocket fiasco.
-Flew back to Mahogany and went East again to Blackthorn.
-Made my way through the Ice path
-Reached Blackthorn and defeated Clare quite easily (due to my amazingly lucky hidden power being dragon type, horay!)

Next onto Victory Road & the Pokemon league...


-Hidden power