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My first official Grovyle update

-After hatching my jolly nature Treeko, I boxed my Cyndaquil and began my adventure
-Trained Treeko to Lv. 7 on Route 29 and then grinded it out to Violet City
-Beat all the trainers in Sprout Tower
-Somehow managed to beat Falkner's Pidgeotto and got the first badge
-Made it to Azalea Town and managed to defeat Team Rocket
-Once again got lucky and defeated Bugsy who had the type advantage over me
-Made it through Ilex Forest and into Goldenrod City
-Battled a few trainers in the underground then defeated Whitney for my 3rd badge
-Arrived on Route 36 and caught the Sudowoodo that was blocking the way
-Decided to call it quits after making it into Ecruteak City

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