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Originally Posted by Dragoon View Post
omg this game is fun and hard! the game gets CRAZY hard around the 6th-7th gyms
its like lvl30+ all the way to early 50s. i need to train real hard now >.<
btw my team is
raichu, zangoose, tropius, arcanine, cloyster and claydol
and if you could, make the game a BIT easier for us non grinders
the game isnt too hard ive played through it 100 times, and i am currently again. Basically, after 6th badge u get to village of dragons, then you go to the mountain defeat drake and ur rival, n u can catch a salamence.

After that when u go back to town the town researcher wants to talk to u and says that he found a key, which u can use to enter the two big towers in village of water n get lugia or ho-oh

then u beat 7th gym, fight a ton of trainers from 7th-8th gym n u find an abandoned mansion where you fight your rival one last time, and then you get to fight a wild tyrantitar at level 50. So at this point, the gym should be challenging but not overly difficult. GIve me suggestions and i will defintalely take them into consideration. I appreciate the feedback
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