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    Originally Posted by ggctuk View Post
    No, it doesn't really matter but AM has complete listings of maps regardless of whether they are unused or not.
    The reason for that is because all the “beta” maps in the GBA games are complete enough for a map editor to include them by default. By contrast, the G/S beta maps consist only of block data, with no headers. This means that to display them, the editor would have to guess or hardcode:
    • the size of the map
    • the tileset for the map
    • events
    • scripts
    • location on the world map
    and more. This data just doesn’t exist for the beta maps (with the notable exception of the Safari Zone, which is why it does appear in most map editors). And because the maps don’t have headers, you can’t use them in your hack anyway.
    Originally Posted by Lin View Post
    Well, after reading feedback from more place than one, it looks like a lot of people who knew what they were doing were a little disappointed. I created this editor for two reasons:
    1. I needed a project at the time, plus this was a big learning experience for me…
    Cool. Now get back to work on your Zelda editor!

    Do you have plans to release the source code?
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