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    Originally Posted by Crimson Stardust View Post
    cool updates..
    nice sprite you got there..
    the fakemon is cool,its cute..xD
    and screenshots is nice too..,and the battle part is really funny..hahax..
    Glad you liked them.
    I wanted the Fakemon to come across as a little more deadly than cute :/
    I think a little humur here and there is fine

    Originally Posted by Sora's Nobody View Post
    Cool! I like the story, even thought its pretty confusing. The features seemed interesting, thought there was nothing that made me say "Wow!" About them. Overall i see this game having alot of potential. I also like the palette you used, though from the story i would have thought it would be a dark and scary palette. Good job thought!
    Really? I thought it was pretty simple, but it guess it can be viewed as complex. As for the pals, I think you missed this part:
    Luckily for you, the Emon infestation had yet to reach your village around a twenty mile radius.
    When I'm there I'm going to make/use a completely new Tileset.

    Originally Posted by Omega Zero View Post
    (offtopic)LOL i've seen this somewhere *cough dilshan i just rememberd it's you *cough thanks for letting me beta test*

    anyways... the tiles you've sprited are cool and i like your intro too keep it up!
    If you're going to use my name, it's a proper noun. As for the intro, all I did was edit the pallette

    Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
    Just a note...

    If you're going by the standards of FireRed mapping, then you've got yourself a tile error: the tile the player and the NPC are standing on. The 'middle' bit of a mountain, the bit that's often used as a border block isn't ever walkable in FireRed; there's usually another tile. That's completely up to you, however.
    I think I'll just leave it like that for now. If I get too many complaints, I'll leave it like that and make a new one for the border

    Thanks for the comments. Though no one touched up on the "Possible ideas" section (I need some more opinions on that). I'll probably have some sort of update in a few days. I could give one now, but it won't be as high in quality. I just realized I credited Wesley FG even though I didn't use his stuff yet. I will soon though