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    I just got done watching all 82 episodes of season 1 today. It took me a month and a half. I am 21 years old and boy did it bring back some memories. Guys I am going to be totally honest, i know that i am going to be biast because I grew up during this time frame but season 1 is BY FAR the best season out of the 13 seasons they have or whatever. They are soo many things that made that season the best. Ash battling brock and Misty for badges. Pickchu vs Raichu. Sabrina and Kadambra. Cinnabar Island. The Indigo league tournament. Richie vs ash at the end.(last episode chokes me up every time).
    Try watching them in a years time once the nostalgia factor wears of. You realise they arn't as good as the other seasons. I mean they arn't bad but there are others are clearly better from a technical point of view. Obviously you like me (being the same age) grew up with the original so you'll always have some special affliation with which I have no problem with but I argue that had you not watched the first season when you were younger and instead decided to watch the ten seasons for the first time this summer you'd have a different opinion.

    The pacing was awful, Ash making completely ridiculous decisions even for him, writing all over the place partly due the fact that the writers wern't sure about the longevity of the show at that moment. You should really watch the entire series before making such elevated opinions about the first season.

    The orginal 150 pokemon will always be the best. I hope that all the young Pokemon fans actually have seen season 1 because its not on television. If you havent, ask your parents for chrismas or your birthday to buy it for you or watch it online. That first season season of pokemon set the bar so high, that it could never get reached again.
    Most of us (well at least on this forum from what I can tell) arn't young Pokemon fans and have seen season one (we probably wouldn't be on here had we not).

    We all know that Charizard would have destroyed Richies Pikachu. I understand also thou it makes sense because Ash never tried to train Charizard and thats what he got for it. I am a little bothered by the end of the season because Ash lost to Richie because Charizard feel asleep.
    Ash did try to train Charizard, it just wouldn't listen to him because it regarded him as too weak and unless Ash became Gym Leader material all of a sudden it still probably wouldn't have listend to him whatever he tried. It took a completely by chance moment for it to start listening to him and that was only because it realised how much Ash cared for it not because he was strong.

    . A question for all of you out there, Why was there 82 episodes in season 1 and all the rest only had around 30 episodes per season????
    Each other season has on average 50 episodes, with three seasons (4 for Sinnoh) encompossing each region, making about 150 episodes per region. The only reason Indigo has a lot fewer episodes is because the writers didn't have the foresight (Should have got a Noctowl ) to realise how sucessful the franchise would be when they first started constructing the anime so they rushed through bits in an attempt to tell the story before a possible cancellation. Hence the awful pacing at times. Had they known the levels of popularity it would attain, there would have been a lot more episodes, probably on the same levels as the other three.

    I cant watch the new episodes because all the new pokemon are getting ridiclous and the new voices of ash and misty hurt me from watching and now I heard misty and brock arent even on the show anymore. whats up with that?
    They arn't getting ridcolous as Pokemon specimens go. There are few more weirder ones granted but the level of art and creativity has always been the same. I suspect you've lost the enthuasism and desire to follow them as eagerely as you did when you were younger which explains your apathy.

    The change of voices wasn't ideal however on the whole they arn't any better or worse than the 4kids dub. It's more the initial shock factor which you just have overcome by watching more of the newer episodes. There are few voices I prefer on the 4kids version and a few I prefer from the newer version.

    Brock and Misty have left. They'd been around for ages and as sidekicks they needed replacing to bring a new direction to the show as well as new material for the writers to work with it.

    i hope I didnt offend any of the younger pokemon fans on here but I just wanted to state my opinion.
    Of course not, as long as you don't get offended by any people disagreeing with you.

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