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Originally Posted by TB Pro View Post
Looks good Dilshan Alignment. I would like to see more along the lines of scripts, rather than maps, though. Anyways, good luck!
I can see through the strike tag you know. I'll post a video of some scripts later. I just don't like waiting hours for them to upload. Maybe a video of that entire Charmander thing :)
Thanks for the comment.

Sprite Update:

I made some OWs a while ago. Today I had our wonderful slave,NikaNoroU, fixed up its hair. Credits to him for that. Yeah, I'm going to make a girl soon too. So here it is, rival #2:

Possibly more to come~

Other Updates:

I picture before Fault Cavern, I forgot to post it.

Yes, it's a town :D

Inside a house

Marvin the Smash master. I'll leave what he said for you guys to think about. Yes, it's a side quest :D
I'm currently working on scripting the rest of the town. I think it's going great so far :)

I'll edit the first post sometime soon with the new stuff. I also added some things in the "Possible Ideas section". Looks like other people on the same mission is now a feature ;D
I've also decided to keep Pokemon adoption :)

At this point I'm going to take in names for trainers that you come across in the game. Please format your idea like this:

Trainer name: Rawr
Before Battle: Rawr
Defeat: You beat my Rawr
After Battle: My rawr is still developing!
Please nothing ridiculous. No names with numbers, or names like "Pokemaz Ruler". If you can't fill in the entire thing, don't fill in anything. Any contribution will be taken into consideration. I'll Post some more updates accordingly ;D