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    Whazzup and welcome to the one and only Pokemon B/W demake, Pokemon Catalyst!

    Needs Immediate Attention:
    Okay, so I don't own any of the Black/White games yet and so I don't know the maps except for walkthroughs on YouTube. Please sign up for mp-shower-so-I-know-what-goes-where person.

    Oh, and, this thread doesn't have much spoiler blocks put up (my Browser has trouble opening up too many spoilers, stupid Firefox) so if you don't want the game spoiled for you, TURN BACK NOW.

    ROM: Pokemon Fire Red v1.0
    Language: English
    Handsome dude creating it: Teh Blazer

    Background Info:
    Yes, Pokemon Black and White is totally awesome and I could never get all of it into one Fire Red ROM. But hey, who hasn't wanted to play B/W without the haggle of a DS emulator? Nobody. Now, this won't be an exact remake, I don't want to bore you guys (things will hopefully be very different, while not being so obviously different). I don't know how to script in triple battles (sorry guys!) nor Subway Battles. Also, the Dream World will mostly be different, along with various other things. Perhaps a new storyline?

    [RIGHT]Epic Storyline:

    The Pokemon world has thrived for years off of the teamwork of Pokemon and humans, for without humans there'd be no brains and without Pokemon there'd be no muscle. Eventually though people began to notice their power over the Pokemon and began to harness their powers for their own selfish needs. Soon people learned how dominant they could be, essentially being able to tame hurricanes and qualm forest fires with the flick of a wrist. Soon Pokemon were these lesser creatures who only did their master's bidding. Day after day Pokemon became slaves to their trainers, whom they no longer looked to as trainers but more of masters. At least, that's what PETA wants you to think.

    Team Plasma has noticed this unequal balance between Pokemon and human and vows to stop it. Of course Ghetis has noticed he can't do this alone so he calls his son, N, to aide him in this journey. With Team Plasma and the Dark Trinity banning together, there is no way their plan could be stopped. But why does acquiring Zekrom and Reshiram have to do with anything? Why is Ghetis so focused on harnessing Kyurem's power? Is this really a crusade for equality, or has Ghetis something else planned in mind? You, young hero, must figure that out for yourself.

    -Some places will be revamped and changed! Just for that twist of a challenge!
    -The new Dream World holds plenty of surprises
    -Stop the nefarious Team Plasma and Dark Trinity!
    -This is only one game, so ALL Pokemon are obtainable
    -Fiddle with the legendary Pokemen! (Yes, because Pokemons just sounds plain weird)
    -Maybe some ASM stuff, who knows? Perhaps JPAN's patch?
    -A return of the magical "rare" patches of grass/water!
    -Cheren has green text while Bianca (Belle) has light blue. Just for that extra flavor.

    Differences from the Real Deal:
    -Team Plasma is leaded by Ghetis while the Dark Trinity is leaded by N.
    -Storyline is completely changed to fit both Black/White and Black2/White2
    -All areas are accessible (so you can go to BOTH Black City and White Forest)
    -Dream World revamped. Only able to get there with Musharna and the C Gear. No other Pokemon with you.
    -Any ideas?

    Activity One
    Well, since Pokemon Grey has already been taken (Yes, I'm talking to you astar_01) I'm in need of a new name for this remake. If you have a name you think is awesome and not used, then by all means, tell me it!
    Name is decided.

    Activity Two
    Like I said earlier, I'm going to have a lot of free Pokemon space from B/W only having 156 Pokemon and the Fire Red Pokedex having three-hundred something. So if you have some super Fakemon, and I accept it into the game, then you'll be seeing your Pokemon in the game! No questions asked!
    Fakemon idea has been scrapped.

    Activity Three
    The best part about somebody else's hack is the fact that you feel like you did something with it. Don't you get that jittery feeling when you see your fakemon inserted into a game (legally, of course) and know "Hey, I did that. Now the world will see my awesomeness". No? Just me? Oh…. then the third activity is for you to post any ideas you have to make it better (not like map changes or edits to the storyline, but like little things here and there to improve the overall enjoyment of this hack). To not confuse any people, things like adding a gambling area, or a bank, or a Trick House like in R/S/E. Well, start posting!

    Activity Four
    Coming Soon to a hack near you...

    NOTE: I haven't changed the OW's yet, that's why Prof. Juniper (Araragi) is a man.


    Those Pesky Bugs:
    When going to Route 1 via script, there is a brief second where you see doubles of your rivals. Pretty unfixable.
    Not really a bug, but the overworlds aren't changed yet.

    Mapping: Up to Dream Yard
    Scripting: Scripted up to Striaton CIty
    Inserting: None besides the Pokemon you'd encounter up to Striaton City (Lilipup, starters, Purrloin, and Patrat)
    Total: Need help finding a complete map of the Dreamyard
    BETA?: Third Gym. Assuming I make it that far.

    Credits: (So they won't sue me)
    JPAN: For his epic Hacked Engine
    Black Charizard: For his epic "super color" titlescreen thing
    TB Pro & Astar_01: For making these epic indexed B/W sprites and sharing them. What a guy.
    lalo0101, zein: For the ROM Base (What? Did you expect me to say "epic" again?), for transparent tiles in the rom base
    Kyledove: B/W tiles
    Wesley FG: B/W Tiles
    Alucus, Novus, and Poke"gym"/Center tiles
    Derlo & Dante: Grass-thingy tiles
    Patpatl: Help with overworlds
    tacticalbread: First Userbar
    ExitWound: Second Userbar
    Quickster: Helping me get past the pesky Route 1 script. You're a hero.

    -The best game created by Teh Blazer
    -The FIRST B/W demake!
    -Second hack with season change, well, I hope I can add season change

    Adorable Userbars:


    Q: What the cornmuffinz?! This sucks as a presentation!
    A: Thanks, like you could do any better. (If you can, wanna help? There's a shiny invisible nickel in it for you!)

    Q: What an awesome game! Can I help you?
    A: Sure, I don't have a team set up (The last time I had one up and it died, my fault) but PM me and I'm sure we can figure something out.

    A: Umm………. okay. NOW GET OUT.

    Thank you for your time and drop by to say "Hi" to your friend (Okay, maybe I use the term friend loosely. Companion? Buddy? Person you know? Stalker?) and enjoy my Activities Section I set up. It was meant to be enjoyed.
    Being a hero is overrated anyways