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    Just got my hands eyes on this one. Oh, I just realized how awesome the theme song is. /very, very slow.

    Oh my! Mijumaru's voice is so cute! Far better than that of Tsutaja. '
    Mijumaru doesn't really seem to like Iris at all. And wait... Is Mijumaru jealous of Pikachu? o.o Great, Pikachu's got competition.

    The Rocket Trio landed into the hole with such elegance and style. That really bugs me. And can anyone explain to me how an electromagnet can attract a Meguroko? Or was that some kind of Poké-magnet? I can honestly say, I don't like this new Team Rocket at all. There's absolutely no fun watching them all those serious activities. They are absolutely no fun to watch at all.

    And when Mijumaru tries to be a hero by stopping the stream of hot water which would have fallen in Ash... I rofl'd at that. Megoroko is got be strong to take such a huge load. Simply amazing. Alas, they all fall trembling down.. XD;

    I was almost certain Ash would catch the leader of the group of Megurokos, just like Squirtle in the Indigo League. Ash has two Isshu Pokemon already. I like the way how fast paced this season seems.
    And the closing theme is spectacular as well. /slow. ;
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