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    Originally Posted by ~Teh Panda~ View Post
    Well if you want someone to insert some new tiles and refine maps then I could help a bit aside from the time I spend at school / on my hack I would be glad to help you out with graphics a little, and yes I forgot to mention your scripting is quite nice.
    Originally Posted by chrunch View Post
    Really, no one was interested? I could help, if you need it. Anyway, I agree with Teh Panda, the mapping really does need work. :3
    Anyone's welcome to refine maps or submit new tiles. I can insert them myself, just PM a link to the files, or submit to my team thread:

    Team AnimeHax

    Full credit will be given if they are used. Just keep in mind that any maps re-done should reflect the routes in the anime (Route 1 needs a river and a lake for that reason, for instance) and any tiles should not be too 3-Dish, as I think the 2-D style is more representative of the anime.

    I'm still taking a break, but the bug is starting to come back to me, so I might start work on the game again soon.
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