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    I made an account (Username:ayevdayev)
    I also made a charmander named "Pokemon"
    The server wasn't online yesterday.
    Anyways, nice job!
    (Maybe I can be an admin, I really want to help and plus I'm one of the first, or maybe even the first to make an account, No I am the first).

    Why is everyone hating on this game, just download it, play it, and shut up. Ok, your treating this game just like all u idiots treated Pokemon Mithril, giving it bad ratings and saying bad things about it just because it's new, just because u haven't played it yet! This message is for the people who rated this game 1 star because I played it and now I'm addicted, it's mad fun and a lot of work was put into it so screw you.
    Good old times.

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