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    Hey Sosuke, welcome back! :D

    Originally Posted by Kamiya-chan View Post
    I would like to join the fanclub.


    Bleach is one of my favorite manga/anime
    Hello and welcome to the Bleach Fan Club, Kamiya.
    You can get complimentary cookies from Smiley.
    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask here or PM a captain.

    Originally Posted by RASENCERO View Post
    Zanpakuto Name; Polarity (Kyokusei)
    Type; Electric Charge –Magnetism/Element/Melee
    Release Command; Polarize!
    Bankai Name; Electrifying and Incinerating Polarity

    I wrote like a full page....
    Hmm, that's an interesting preview. Can't wait to see the rest later.
    You should do like me and keep it all in a Word document. ;p

    Manga 422
    Finally, Deicide is over!
    That had to be one of the longest manga chapter titles ever.
    I laughed at Mayuri's generosity. XD
    Oh my gosh, we got to see Unohana again! :p
    Hmm, I'm actually alright with how they wrapped up Yammy's battle.
    Poor doggy would have a master no more. :/
    So Aizen might have been like Starrk in a way, interesting.
    I'm still glad he gone though. Sorry Sosuke ;p
    Damn, I hope Ichi'll be alright. :/