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    Originally Posted by nasonex View Post
    Wow Alignment, I'm really impressed! Very nice
    Updates. Now I know that you're a great advance

    I'm seeing that your progress is going very well. I
    wonder what the gym holds for us? >:)

    I like the looks of the gym. It's kinda metallic/machine
    or modern theme? I based it on the way it looks and
    the color of the metals, gray...

    Anyways, another two thumbs up for this man! (b' ')b

    I hope to see more and Good luck on this! :D

    EDIT: And Thank you for also choosing my trainer! Appreciate it! :)
    Thanks for supporting. The Gym is a more maze type thing than a big rectangle. As for the trainer, I should be thanking you. It usually takes me a good ten minutes to think of something a trainer should say (that doesn't sound cliche).

    Originally Posted by ~Trebuh~ View Post
    Nice work dude!
    The tiles and palettes are great! Especially the cave ones.
    And so is that wicked intro screen :]
    The Hp bars may also need some palette editing, but it still looks good
    that way. Keep it up =)

    And oh I almost forgot =)
    Trainer name: Ralph
    Before Battle: It's just a kid!\nAnother easy win that 'ain't\lworth my time.
    Defeat: I didn't see that one coming...
    After Battle: I lost because i wasn't really looking..

    Thanks for the support. I feel good inside when someone compliments the tiles I made :P
    As for the HP box, it's pal is already edited to be brighter. I could dull it if you want, but TB[pro] did it like that.
    Oh and thanks for the trainer thing, I edited the before battle a touch in the quote though :)

    Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
    I counted on you in the very beginning, and I feel I was right ;)
    This will definitely be one of the hacks to play :)

    Also, that gym looks like "trainer-free".
    Are there going to be trainers in gyms ?
    If so, it'd be awesome if there were for example two trainers in that gym (instead of one) because that way it wouldn't look like Brock's place (if the map is even originally Pewter Gym)...doing this many assumptions just sounds weird...

    Anyway, to do so, you'd have to repoint Event Data, and possibly re-create the events (=how many warps, signposts, people are there + data for those (like picture numbers, script pointers etc.)). Also, I'm not sure how it works in advance-games but that's the way it's done in G/S/C.

    Well, that's just an idea but would make the game look a lot better (and make others know you are a hacker !) :D
    Thanks, I appreciate the support. There are actually four trainer (apart from the leader), and the guy who gives you tips about the gym.
    Well it's not that hard in Fire Red, lol. All I need to do is script them, changing the number of person events in A-map isn't hard at all.

    It's actually an edited Viridean City Gym (Though it looks nothing like it).


    EDIT: Yay for second page :D