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    Hack name: Pokemon Shiny Yellow (im not sure if the name was taken)
    Hack of:
    Fire red

    Additional information about the hack: A continued version of ash's adventures in kanto (NO relations or connections of any sort to anime), new pokedex, composed of pokemon from all regions (even isshu)your starter is pikachu, (lv.5) main legendary is Mewtwo but there are others. New event islands+side quests, pikachu follow scripts, brock,misty,gary.
    Finished percentage:
    Mapping/tiling: 0%
    Scripting: 1%
    Storyline: 14%
    Spriting and everything related: 3%
    Other: 1%
    Your hacking skills:
    Good Mapper, Good Sprite inserter, Great Scripter, i can do fan bars and little spriting
    What help or skill you're looking for:
    Good Tiler
    OW Spriter
    Sprite Inserter
    I'm only looking for a small 2-4 person team meaning you can have as many jobs as you want.
    Additional contact information:
    Additional information:
    I think thats it... if i missed anything please tell me