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    Ah, glad that I found a football thread! I'm not a total newbie to football since I've been watching football since World Cup 2006 (I was 12 yrs old by that time lol) and suddenly I got this football euphoria again after World Cup 2010... Moving on, anyways.

    Favorite national team: Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Germany (in that order. though it's a tie between Spain and Argentina! xD I used to dislike Germany because they beat Argentina in World Cup 2010 quarterfinals.)
    Favorite club: Real Madrid, AC Milan, and Barcelona FC (yes, I love both Barcelona and Real Madrid, though I'm leaning toward Madridista more than Cules. hahahah)
    Favorite players: Gonzalo "El Pipita" Higuain, David Villa, Francesc "Cesc" Fabregas, Kaka, Mesut Ozil,.... I have tons to list. xD

    aside from that, there's two big matches today! Inter Milan vs. Juventus in Italian Serie A and Chelsea vs. Arsenal in English Premier League. Well, I'm going with Inter Milan and Chelsea. How about you guys? x3
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