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Originally Posted by francisbb View Post
Thanks :D one question though how do you change the house's outline to the grass
That would be block editing, you would have to click on puzzle piece and got to your block. have grass in the first box as that will be the background of the tile then input your tile for your hose and save. Don't forget to reload blocks.

Originally Posted by chriskid198 View Post
I'm having trouble with inserting the Image in the attachment.
I just ends up looking odd when I try and change the colours.

Some tips please :D
You must've gotten your palette wrong. Did you replace the tiles colour? Did you do step 8-14 for each of your colours?

Originally Posted by Suzuke of Mystica View Post
One question, when I load the tile into the rom, it's on there but when I load the rom, the tiles go out of whack, and stuff. How to fix this?
Are the tiles animating without your doing? If so then you have put your tile over an animation tile. Mostly these tiles look like they are blank, but they contain important animation data. Replacing these tiles wont screw up your game and make you start over, but it does mean you need to move your tiles to a different location in the tileset. (if you just plopped the tile at the very bottom of the page, then move it up 8 pixels (size of each tile)

Originally Posted by Fellest Revolution View Post
Hey: if I -accidently- screw up the tile set, is there an ips or dib/bmp file or something to get the original back?
Get a clean ROM of the one you are working on and go to the tileset you were editing. Export that tileset in a palette of your choice. Then import back into your working ROM and you should be fine. (as long as the palettes are the same)
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