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Sorry for taking so long to respond guys.

Originally Posted by RedBaron474 View Post
I love you and your game. Haha very well done, Cynic. Sorry I haven't been active enough to see how amazing it's become .
Cheers mate. :cer_smile: Great to see you back!

Originally Posted by View Post
This looks awesome so far! Sorry that I haven't been keeping up, my coming exams have just overwhelmed me. I'll be happy to do any more graphics if you want more [:

Around 320 Pokemon would seem best to me but it's up to you really.
Thanks, exams are a pain!

No graphics just at this moment, but perhaps soon. :cer_wink:

That sounds like a reasonable number. Cheers. :cer_smile:

Originally Posted by RulerArceus View Post
You should get the Pokemon following the Trainer.

That shall be implemented. You will also have the ability to ride certain pokemon (Ponyta, Shimama etc.). :cer_wink:

Originally Posted by trebornosliw View Post
Your fakemon look very professional, kudos to you. Mapping's very aesthetically pleasing, tiles are nice and clean, the region is large and interesting, and best of all, IMHO, your grammar is impeccable, so your dialogues will be awesome :D
I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes.
Thanks very much. I do my best! :cer_smile:

Originally Posted by RulerArceus View Post
Um.... Update Please? I really like this game. You've made a lot of progress, but I haven't heard in a long time.
Hope this place doesn't die.
~Ruler Arceus
The thing is... I don't have an update at the moment. :cer_frown: I'm preparing a big update featuring screenshots of Freewharf Town and the brand new fakedex as well as the new-and-improved region map. I can't deliver them for a short while as I am SO busy right now. I'll keep you guys entertained by providing short "Spotlights" where I showcase an already-revealed fakemon, giving more in-depth descriptions and revealing its Ability, signature move etc.

Rest assured. This game will not die.

Thanks y'all, and sorry for the delay. :cer_smile: