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    Originally Posted by アルセウス View Post
    What about Pokemon Heaven and Hell?
    Btw, are You going to insert some 5th gen Pokemon (with other random Pokemon), or all 5th gen Pokemon (with other random Pokemon), or maybe all 649 Pokemon? (Yeah I see someone insert all 493 Pokemon in his hack (GBA actually has 65536 Pokemon and I know the program to change Name, moves, etc. (but not sprite)))
    And please don't insert fakemon cuz that will ruined my game
    Yeah, tons of people say that.

    Originally Posted by TB Pro View Post
    Lol you can't insert anymore than 386 Pokemon into Fire Red, with Pokedex data, so catching them would be invalid. And I'm quite sure he knows of YAPE, and he said in the first post they will all be inserted. once I resize them all


    I just noticed you might add religion into this hack, please don't, it will only cause problems with forum members.
    The sprites look nice, but I would like to see the backsprites as well to see if I did them correctly. ;D
    Anyways, major luck, and don't hesitate to PM me if you need any help.
    The back sprites, rem….. well, they are screwed up. The pallettes are messed up. I'd show a screen shot, but right now I kinda can't.

    Originally Posted by Co500 View Post
    This hacks looks ok but how are you going to do all those scripts and Huin City? It will be very interseting to see, also there is a rom base patch that has the starter town house Tile.
    But anyway good luck
    P.S who inserted those sprites........
    The ROM Base I used was the Kyledove Patch (ALso known as the Punk Rocker ROM Base in the Resources Section)

    Originally Posted by The 100 Mega Shock View Post
    Yeah the whole religion things sounds like an absolutely terrible idea.
    Yep. Changed it now to make it less now-ish.

    Originally Posted by astar_01 View Post
    Lol nice hack you've got here.
    I was waiting to see how long it took for somebody to make a B/W demake.
    I'm glad to see it looks professional and all!
    Oh, sorry about the name thing... But I got there first!
    As for the 5th Gen Sprites, It's nice to see you used my Emboar sprite. (I let TB Pro use it in his pack).
    You fiend! How could you take Grey from me! The only easy would be to call it Gray! Oh well, and thanks for the thing with Emboar.

    Originally Posted by KingCyndaquil View Post
    wow this is looking great so far, im gonna bookmark this
    Originally Posted by TB Pro View Post
    I'm sure he inserted them...

    Yeah I forgot to mention this earlier, but you should credit Astar as well for the Enbuoo sprite. ;3
    He is now credited.

    Originally Posted by smellybellysrock View Post
    You know, i've always been waiting for someone to make one of these.

    It looks good so far, keep it up!
    Well, just call me the flying hero in red underpants. Spiderman.

    Originally Posted by aSeRo141414 View Post
    this gonna be good! I can't wait for some release..
    Me too, I'm thinking about the third city for BETA 1. Sounds fair?

    Originally Posted by 雷影 イチロ View Post
    Teh Blazer, I can translate if you want? I've got loads of free time available.
    It will be interesting to see how this turns out.
    Thanks! I'll PM you with details.

    Originally Posted by xoax View Post
    How are you going to resize Pendoraa? It's so huge.
    Well,you have a quite neat idea. What shocked me was the religion in the hack. What if you're an attheist?! it is too uncanon and very controversive. O_O
    Don't insert Fakemon in this hack.
    It's a demake. It would be #@$^ very stupid for the game. Keep it natural. It would be MUCH better then.
    Well I have a slave monkey TB Pro to thank for that. He's doing the resizing and all.
    Religion is changed and I wanted to put in the REAL fakemon, ones that people wished were actually real. Like some Fakemon in the B/W Fakemon thread.

    Originally Posted by TheLegendaryMew View Post
    gotta say this sounds amazing the first B/W hack cant wait for the release. Would you by any chance need a storyliner? If so pm me and we can talk about it
    Um, nah I'm good. So far, I got the basic gist of my storyline. Hint: There's plenty of surprises (But who wouldn't have surprises in their hack?) and perhaps a…. twist ending?

    Originally Posted by DeathYu View Post
    Looking good over here. Hope you can complete it one day.
    Me too. After all, I already put my time into it.

    Originally Posted by nasonex View Post
    Wow! Very amazing! I would like to see this hack

    And you got a first, a very first B/W demake! Kudos
    to that!

    I really don't like to see you insert some fakemon. I
    know it would be nice but I think some GenIII & IV
    would be better just to spice up the game.

    Maybe the religion feature isn't really a great idea
    because I think that other members in PC may have
    trouble with it. Or maybe it's just me.

    Anyways, I hope all goes well in this hack. More
    power and Good luck Teh Blazer!
    Yeah, I'll probably just stick with what's already in the actual game and build on that.

    Wow that was long. Thanks for all of the feedback and help!
    Being a hero is overrated anyways