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    Originally Posted by RASENCERO View Post
    Yes, at least Hinamori has to die.
    I mean, she was useless to begin with.
    You better hope minchan doesn't see that. She'll kill you. XD

    Originally Posted by Kamiya-chan View Post
    I forget, what happened to him?
    He lost an arm, apparently.

    And it's not that no one dies in Bleach. I think ILP means no good character dies in Bleach. So far, only the bad ones.
    For the good side, only Hinamori might be predisposed to death. AND if Unohana can patch a HALF-CUT person into a good shape again, I doubt why she can't heal a stabbed person. Unless, of course, Hitsugaya stabbed her in her heart, or some other vital organs, because we know that her ribcage has been ruptured prior to getting stabbed. Ouch.