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    Originally Posted by mervyn797 View Post
    And can anyone explain to me how an electromagnet can attract a Meguroko? Or was that some kind of Poké-magnet?
    I was wondering that myself when I saw the episode. That really confused me as to how that worked.

    Not as confusing as why those Mamepato didn't originally fly away in the first place. Crazy birds.

    The opening of this episode nearly rotted my teeth with how cute Mijumaru was. The way he shoved Pikachu off Ash's shoulder, and the "BONK!" when the Pokeball hit him in the head... He's a sweet little creature, and I'm glad that he's a member of the team now.

    Meguroko was actually interesting for the Pokemon-of-the-week. Not just the leader and how its personality was showcased, but also just the abilities of the Pokemon. They're smart ones who are also quite strong physically, especially being able to nearly fling two children around.

    I'm really enjoying this series, despite how fast-paced it is. IDK. I feel like they're putting a lot into the series, especially with how much Team Rocket has changed.
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